Sticky Nugget #2

This little sign is the second in a series on the wall in the Main Studio at Sticky Art Lab. This is one of our studio guidelines, and a very important message. When we have a discussion around this topic, ideas abound. Respect encompasses many areas of studio work.

It helps to talk about Respect when working in a studio together. We all have to be able to work here, so keep your workspace tidy and not too spread out. Take care of the furniture and materials. Put away the things you are not using. Keep any comments positive so we can stay focused on what is working or take a pause if we should make changes.

It helps also when thinking about your own work. Respect your process, respect your path. You have to experiment to know your next step! One thing works, the next thing doesn't. This is good practice for life. Respect yourself and trust that this work is moving you forward in some way.

One young student said, "If you don't have respect, you don't have much."