Inspiring People

I built Sticky, certainly, for the user -- the families, the young kids, the youth, the adults -- who walks in and is treated to a wide variety of materials and tools, the space to use them, and facilitators to support them. And they do the most amazing things! With a little scrap wood and some moss and pine cones, a fairy domain hatches. With some paint and a stencil and an old cork square, a work of art for grandma's kitchen. I am constantly delighted by the creativity!

But I also built Sticky to grow a crew. I am not saying I knew how to do this, I just knew I couldn't do it myself. And in the most serendipitous of fashions, they kept walking in the door. The work and creativity drew them in, and the community and purpose held them here, and I am equally delighted by their creativity!

The facilitators and teachers to do their own work. They bring their wealth of experience and talent and skill to the table, each with their own style, each with their own challenges, each learning in collaboration. They are making a difference with this scrappy work -- whose message of process-over-product is not always obvious or easy to explain. They are making a difference in the expressive lives of those who walk in the door.

These are inspiring people. I thank my lucky stars for each and every one of them.


Pictured: Louise, Suzi, Terri, Gemma, Nadya