Awesome Art Classes


Some pretty great things go on here. You might say Awesome. Kids say that, and some grown-ups have said that, too. What is it about choosing your own art adventure that is so appealing?

I think it's because learning is so subjective. We tend to hear what appeals to us. We remember what we want to remember, not always in the right order, not always with the most clarity. We might remember what gives us joy, what makes us sad, what lifts us up, what makes us feel connected. We are built by experiences. We are the sum of all of the parts of our lives, and it affects how we see the world, and how we learn new things. This makes us each so different! So, how do we build an art class for all these kinds of learners and seers and doers?

Artistic Freedom. We want to supply you with some great materials and a pointing in the right direction, and boom! You're off. Bring all your memories, all your sad stories, all your challenging moments, all your joys and frustrations, your mistakes, your secrets, your dreams, your goals, your life. Let them work together to create what you need to create.

Your life experience is safe here.

from Rachel