Sticky Nugget #3


This little sign is the third in a series on the wall in the Main Studio at Sticky Art Lab. This is one of our studio guidelines, and a very important message. It's something we have all heard before, but here in the studio we really mean it. Mistakes are good.

In fact, you are supposed to make mistakes. You are encouraged to explore your own design ideas, draw on the drawing board to make a plan, collect materials that you think might work, most of all, be open to learning as you go. Sometimes we will share skills to get you going in the right direction, sometimes we have workshops with specific outcomes in mind, but there is always the open ended part where you can experiment in your own style.

Once, with a group of kids who were developing a puppet show, one student said, "wait, wait, this is not working! Remember the other way? It worked better!" They all agreed, and reworked the scene. A mistake with friends is even more awesome than a one-person mistake! If it doesn't work one way, try another. Ask questions, learn another way, try it again. This is really a good lesson for the rest of your life, and good to practice it when you can.

Come on in and make some mistakes. It might lead to a break through, an a-ha moment, a revelation, a revolution!

from Rachel