A Good Trade

Studio Protector.  Credit: Steven Bollman

Studio Protector.  Credit: Steven Bollman

Or -- Ode to Scrappy Art

Nevermind your perfectly sealed
vacuum packed packages, your one-use plastic
off gassing, poly vinyl chloride sheets
your 'brand new' smell of phthalates and softeners
flame retardants and synthetic flavors
your virgin materials from far across the globe

Give us instead your scrappy five-times used
salvaged, rejected, shredded, nicked and chipped
years-loved fabric, old shoe boxes and costume jewelry
your stack of used holiday cards,
wood, cardboard, wire, corks and hardware
full of life yet and found down the street

We'll dig in, in collaboration
innovate, create, share stories, bounce ideas
take things apart, rebuild and reuse
leave upholstery to air, patch the spines, repair the edges
Make monsters, quilts, shelters and meaningful machines
laugh and wonder at the results

We'll give you
a consumer revolution
in a reusable bag
made for generations to come

from Rachel