If only we had the space, and lots of cool materials...

We rent our space to private groups and companies for art events, team-builds, craft nights with friends and more. With host facilitator or not. Have an idea? Contact us at events@stickyartlab.com or phone 510.981.1148 for rates and scheduling.

Book a play-date

Hosted by a Sticky crew member, Open Lab format---explore the stacks of reuse materials and build to your heart's content. Available slots on Wed & Thu mornings, 10 am - 1 pm. $8/person, minimum party of 4, maximum 14.

Book a field trip

Facilitated by a Sticky teacher/facilitator. We work with your curriculum to build a fun one and a half hours of reuse studio time. Minimum 15 students at $6 each, maximum 28 students.

Studio Consult?

How do you build a reuse studio? In your school, preschool, home or professional office? Let's talk! Contact founder/owner Rachel Knudson with big and small ideas at rachel@stickyartlab.com