“We get to create with our friends– and then take [the project] home to remember the day.”

It’s true! What better way to celebrate such a special day than to have all your favorite people around you, chatting, crafting, building, laughing, and making something to remember the day by?

book it!

Please read below before you call, and take a peek at the studio if you can! To check a date, call us at 510-981-1148 or email events@stickyartlab.com


Saturday: 2-hour slot / 2:30-4:30 pm
Sunday: 2-hour slots / 11–1 pm or 2–4 pm
Evening/Weeknight party? Sure, let’s see what's available.
You may show up 10–15 minutes early for set-up. Guests should not arrive early. Ends promptly, please, as we may have another event after yours.


  • The run of the whole studio and outdoor courtyard.

  • Covers 14 makers (including birthday kid), $10 each additional maker.

  • A one+ hour guided reuse arts/crafts project, designed to match
    age level and interest.

  • A Sticky Art Lab gift for the birthday guest of honor.

  • Clean-Up at the end. We aim for low trash!


Choose from building with cartons, corks, fabric, paper, or wood so things end up as mini castles, cars with wings, parachutes, fuzzy monsters, play dough mountains, straw rockets or zip-line ninjas. We listen to your likes and interests and build from there.


Food, treats, recyclable or washable serving products, decor if you like but our space is full of fun things to look at! We encourage low trash (less plastic), low stress. Try to keep it simple. Want pizza? Try West Coast Pizza right up the street, pick up or delivery.


$300 for two hours ($150 deposit at time of booking)
Cancellation Policy: If canceled at least 2 weeks before party date, we will issue a full refund. If canceled within 2 weeks of party date, deposit is nonrefundable.


Saturday—neighborhood street parking is free all day, except for
meters at front.
Sunday—street, meters and yellow zone free all day.

Party at home?

Ask us about a "project-in-a-box" to pick up for your party at home. $50 gets you a Sticky-To-Go project for up to 12 makers. Note that these are custom made to order, please allow for 5 business days before pick-up.