Sticky Art Lab is where children and adults can experiment together with arts and scraps materials and bring home a unique handmade project. We are diverting some treasures from the waste stream—and having fun doing it!

You might be interested in an Open Lab, a Birthday Party, Coffee & Crafts time, or a cool reuse workshop. Look around the website to find your program, then call your friends. This will be your favorite neighborhood art studio. Entry fee includes use of the space, all the materials, and help when you need it!

The emphasis is on what you learn as you make, about finding your own process, about conservation of materials. Process is noisy and messes are inspiration-at-play! Don't worry if you're a first-timer or more fancy, just roll up your sleeves and dive in.


office hours

Call 510-981-1148 or stop in for office hours Wednesday thru Friday 10:00AM– 5:00PM.


Want to donate some scrap materials? Bottle caps, corks, fabric, design samples, wood scrap?
Please call 510-981-1148 to arrange for drop-off. No drops at the door. No styrofoam please.


Sept 10, 17, 24 Saturdays 10 to 1PM
Coffee & Crafts, drop-in year round
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Sept 10, Saturday 7 to 9PM
Open Lab after dark! for Grown-ups
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Sept 14-16 / 21-23 / 28-30
Wednesday to Fridays! 10 to 1PM
Open Lab is open for the school year!
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Sept 17, Saturday 2 to 5pm
Crafternoon: Tinker Garage                               Robotics Hack Workshop                                       Learn more. 

Sept 17, Saturday 6:30 to 9pm
Clay Collective Invitational
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Sept 24, Saturday 7 to 9pm
Makers Craft Night: Candle Making

looking ahead

Tuesday, October 4, 10am-Noon
NEW! Homeschool Open House
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Facilitators & Contributors

Alethea Brown, Angel Huntington-Ortega, Corrie Messinger, Emily Hippert, Erin Garcia, Gemma Gleason, Hiphung Lam, Jason Wilkinson, Kathy Reihle, Louise Paige, Margot Piper, Nadya Abo-Shaeer, Pollyanna Lee, Rachel Knudson, Suzi Garner, Terri Lambert

L to R: Louise, Suzi, Terri, Gemma, and Nadya in front of the Wall of Reuse

L to R: Louise, Suzi, Terri, Gemma, and Nadya in front of the Wall of Reuse